Bucket List, Part 1

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

I love Lists. Love them. I make lists of everything. Perhaps this is why I made a blog: to have an ongoing list of things to share…with no one. Anyhoo, I saw this persons bucket list somewhere, saw the movie, etc, and thought, what a great list to have. So I complied a small one, and will update as I get the strength to write. As a general note, I do acknowledge how conceited blogging and making lists are, so I hope I’m self-effacing enough for some critical readers.

  1. Post a pretentious list of activities on my blog that no one will read that demonstrate my attention to worldly matters, while leaving off cliché and hackneyed activities to show my iconoclastic seeking behavior and the fact I more than likely have done it due to a privileged childhood. (Accomplished Dec 30, 2010)
  2. Bring personal items down to 500. I probably don’t have too many things over 500. But this includes EVERYTHING. Books, clothes, you name it. I do have 500 books, so there is some work to do. Moving everything around is a huge pain. There is a small movement to live with 100 things. One step at a time.
  3. Stand up comedy routine.The world needs to know about my landlady…
  4. Outline my blackbooks.I have a few dozen of those small blackbooks with random stuff I’ve learned or accumulated over the years. Most of it is garbage, but there are some gems.
  5. Buy into a Lifecycle fund through my Roth IRA. Initial investment is $3000 plus monthly contribution. Seeing as I barely surpass the poverty line, we’ll see about that one.
  6. Brew a batch of beer.There is a “Hop Shop” in town. I have made a batch before, but it did not turn out correctly. However, you do get an appreciation for subtleties in beer and how difficult it can be to make. And consuming 45% of or national supply, it only seems right that I make my own contribution.
  7. Join the Explorer’s Club. Not certain what the requirements are. I have a few interesting expeditions in mind. (which would mostly be collecting nucleic acid samples from around the world). There are student members.
  8. Go ice climbing. There is a trip leaving in the middle of January. They are going up to the ICE PIT near Green Bay, Wisc.
  9. Hike Ice Age Trail. Again, a Wisconsin activity. Perhaps I should make my own Wisconsin Bucket List.
  10. Visit Fort Totten. This fort was built during the Civil War because there was a fear the south would invade New York City from the north (Long Island Sound). There was a tunnel under the water across the channel to Fort Skyler. There was supposedly a water mine field between them.
  11. Visit Grant’s Tomb. Still can’t believe it’s in the middle of Manhattan.
  12. Take MCAT.
  13. Enter Lego Competition. There is one in April.
  14. Build a magneto rocket launcher
  15. Build robotic line follower.
  16. Record the retrograde of Mars.
  17. Join SETI. Or at least let me computer help in processing data.
  18. Join SpaceGuard. Looking for objects that can slam into Earth seems like it could be a worthwhile activity. But, if I do find something, I want to press the button to launch a nuclear weapon at it.
  19. Bench 280. I’ve come close before, but that was many moons ago. I suppose this means I will have to the “gym” more.

This is not a complete Bucket List. Indeed, it does not include professional goals, travel goals, or any really cool stuff. This is more a record of things I can foreseeable accomplish in the next six months, or so (no real time limit), but should accomplish relatively easily and some definitely before I leave Wisconsin. I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want to leave Wisconsin?

  1. Love it…although, I really didn’t need to know about my brother’s virginity…

  2. Yann says:

    I can give you a list of 20 reasons why you should leave Winsconsin?

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